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laura's makeup addict story


Laura has been in the makeup industry since 1998. She started as a makeup artist, traveling extensively over many years, working with numerous magazines all the way through to 2018 where she was featured in The Bride Guide Magazine. 
Laura has worked on everything from destination wedding looks to fashion events both locally and internationally.


Laura’s passion for makeup stemmed from her early childhood. Her father was an international shoe designer and would bring her along with him backstage of runway shows, fashion conferences, etc., 
She would often find herself mesmerized by not only the models, but the makeup artists as they transformed their appearance using a sea of cosmetic products. This is where Laura found her passion for the makeup industry and empowering women by helping them feel glamorous, and her dedication has continued to grow ever since.


Very early Laura started to take more of an interest in the quality of production and manufacturing of the products she had been using. She had grown curious as to where and how all of the different brands she was using had been produced and questioned their safety and legitimacy. 


It was when her daughter reached for one of Laura’s eyeliner and developed an almost immediate reaction that landed her in the emergency room for several hours that she decided she could no longer trust cosmetic brands and products unless she could be sure that they were locally produced and had clearly labelled ingredients. 


This is where “Makeup Addict” came into fruition. She tested hundreds of formulas and developed the most high-quality line she and her clients love! She made sure the formulas are non comedogenic, allergy free, vegan, gluten and sulfate free! Products are also made in Canada.


Laura has vowed to stay true to her initial goal of ensuring that all Makeup Addict products are made and manufactured in Canada. 
One of Laura’s goals with Makeup Addict is to support local organizations, such as:
Kids help phone
Suicide prevention
Down's Syndrome organizations 
Helping single mothers 
And all of those who are being affected by the current hardships that our world is facing.